Friday, 13 February 2015

An Over View On Cataract

Cataract is occurs due to the deposition of protein near to the lens which makes the lens cloudy. That prevent the passage of light through the lens which leads to the loss of vision. This is occur as a result of aging.

Cataract are different types

1. Age related cataract : This cataract develop as the result of aging.
2. Congenital cataract : It is occurs in babies due to infection, poor development or injury during the time of they were born.
3. Secondary cataract : It is develop as the result of medical conditions.
4. Traumatic cataract : This from injury in the eye.

Symptoms of Cataract

  • Blurred vision
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Frequent prescription changes for glasses
  • Poor night vision
  • Color vision changes
  • Double vision 

Treatment for Cataract

If the vision loss cannot be corrected with new glasses. Cataract is treated by removing the natural lens and replacing it with artificial intra ocular lens (IOL). There is no method that prevents the cataract. Progression of cataracts can be slowed by avoiding large amounts of ultraviolet light, not smoking, and following a healthy diet. Wearing UV-protection sunglasses when exposed to sunlight can be helpful. 

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