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Eye Lasik Surgery - Best Way to Vision Correction

Eyeglasses are the oldest and most common vision correction option. There are several options for correcting refractive errors such as myopia or nearsightednes, hyperopia or farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia. Astigmatism is a vision condition that causes blurred vision due either to the irregular shape of the cornea, the clear front cover of the eye, or sometimes the curvature of the lens inside the eye. In myopia nearsightedness also known as shortsightedness, close objects look clear but distant objects appear blurred. 

Nearsightedness or shortsightedness, is a refractive error, which means that the eye does not bend or refract light properly to a single focus to see images clearly. Farsightedness or hyperopia, is a vision condition in which distant objects are seen clearly, but close ones do not come into proper focus. Farsightedness occurs if your eyeball is too short or the cornea has too little curvature, so light entering your eye is not focused correctly. Most people between 40 and 50 years of age realize for the first time that they can't read objects close to them, while at the same time, the ability to focus on objects that are far way remains normal. This condition is called presbyopia.

Vision Correction Surgery is needed to remove the eye refractive errors in order to get a better, clear and focused vision. Eye refractive errors such as Myopia, or nearsightedness, Hyperopia, or farsightedness, Presbyopia and Astigmatism can be treated using vision correction surgery. Lasik eye surgery is one of the widely accepted laser vision correction procedure. Lasik produce effective and stable results within few days after the surgery. The use of eyeglasses or contact lenses enables most people to help overcome these conditions.

Refractive surgery for vision correction has made tremendous advances over the last half century. Vision correction or eye lasik surgery can benefit people those who are suffering with high myopia or nearsightedness, hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism, and presbyopia. LASIK, which stands for laser in-situ keratomileusis, is a popular surgery used to correct vision in people who are nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism.

Advantages of Laser Eye Surgery

- It corrects vision. Around 90% of patients will have their desired      vision after LASIK. An enhancement can further increase this number.
- Laser LASIK is associated with very little pain.
- Vision is corrected nearly immediately or by the day after LASIK.
- No bandages or stitches are required after LASIK.
- Adjustments can be made years after LASIK to further correct vision.
- After having LASIK, most patients have a dramatic reduction in eyeglass or contact lens dependence and many patients no longer need them at all.

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Cost Effective Treatment for Bulging Eye India - Classified Ad

Cost Effective Treatment for Bulging Eye India - Classified Ad

Bulging eyes is the abnormal protrusion or bulging out of one or both eyeballs. Bulging eyes or proptosis occurs when one or both eyes protrude from the eye sockets due to space taking lesions such as swelling of the muscles, fat, and tissue behind the eye.
Bulging eyes have been linked to a number of diseases and conditions, including glaucoma, hyperthyroidism, leukemia, and more. Symptoms of bulging eye are Appearance of protruding eyes, Excessive dryness in eyes, Visible whiteness between the top of the iris and the eyelid, Eye pain and Eye redness.
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Myopia Hospitals India Offer Eye Care - To Generate Good Vision

Do You Have these Symptoms and Causes 
Muscle contraction
Diseases of the head, eyes, ears, teeth, etc.

A sudden, new, severe headache
Headache with a fever, shortness of breath, stiff neck, or rash
Headache pain that awakens you at night
Headaches with severe nausea and vomiting
Headaches that occur after a head injury or accident
A new type of headache after age 55

Myopia Hospital India are very successfully treating Myopia problems or Shortsightedness. Myopia is an eye condition where the patient can't see clearly into the distance. It is occurs when the lens of the eye is shaped too steep, and is usually corrected with glasses, contact lenses, or LASIK eye surgery. Myopia Eye Hospital Tamilnadu specialised in Low myopia treatment Madurai .

3 Methods for Eye Treatment

1: Corrective Lenses
2: Eye Surgery
3: Natural Vision Correction

Eyeglasses, contact lenses, and refractive surgery are the primary options to treat the visual symptoms of those with myopia. Orthokeratology is the practice of using special rigid contact lenses to flatten the cornea to reduce myopia.

Occasionally, pinhole glasses are used by patients with low-level myopia. These work by reducing the blur circle formed on the retina, but their adverse effects on peripheral vision, contrast and brightness make them unsuitable in most situations.


Myopia treatment Tamilnadu expertise with eyeglasses or contact lenses which compensate for the elongated shape of the eye allowing the light to focus properly on the retina.

Surgical Operations:

Refractive surgery is another option which can reduce or even eliminate your dependence on glasses or contact lenses. The most common procedures are performed using an excimer laser.

Saraswathi Eye Hospital India offers you a one stop solution to all your eye problems. This Eye Care Vision Center provides the best treatments for all eye disease at AFFORDABLE COST. Dr.Baskara Rajan one of the leading Eye Surgeon Specialist in India.

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GoodBuy to Nearsightedness or Myopia - See & Enjoy The Beauty of the World

Nearsightedness is when light entering the eye is focused incorrectly, making distant objects appear blurred. Nearsightedness is a type of refractive error of the eye. If you are nearsighted, you have trouble seeing things that are far away. Nearsightedness, or Myopia, is the most common refractive error of the eye, and it has become more prevalent in recent years. If you are nearsighted, you typically will have difficulty reading road signs and seeing distant objects clearly, but will be able to see well for close-up tasks such as reading and computer use. In myopia, close objects look clear but distant objects appear blurred. It is an eye focusing disorder, not an eye disease. Myopia can also occur in adults.

                                                                                                           Low Myopia & High Myopia

If the myopia is mild, it is called Low myopia. Severe myopia is known as high myopia. High myopia will usually stabilize between the ages of 20-30 years old. With High myopia, you can usually correct vision easily with glasses, contact lenses or sometimes with refractive surgery. People with high myopia may also have a higher than average risk of developing glaucoma and cataracts.

Causes & Symptoms

People are able to see because the front part of the eye bends (refracts) light and points it to the back surface of the eye, called the retina. Nearsightedness occurs when the physical length of the eye is greater than the optical length. Nearsightedness affects males and females equally. People who have a family history of nearsightedness are more likely to develop it. Most eyes with nearsightedness are healthy, but a small number of people with severe myopia develop a form of retinal degenerationPeople who are nearsighted often complain of headaches, eyestrain, squinting or fatigue when driving, playing sports, or looking more than a few feet away.

How Is Myopia Treated?

Glasses, contact lenses, or refractive surgery can correct myopia. With myopia, your prescription for glasses or contact lens is a negative number, such as -3.00. The higher the number, the stronger your lenses will be. Refractive surgery can reduce or even eliminate your dependence on glasses or contact lenses. The most common procedures for myopia are performed with a laser. The most common surgery to correct myopia is LASIK.

Saraswathi Eye Hospital India offers you a one stop solution to all your eye problems. This Eye Care Vision Center provides the best treatments for all eye disease at AFFORDABLE COST. Dr.Baskara Rajan one of the leading Eye Surgeon Specialist in India.

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